Why Choose an Ethically Sourced Lash?


I didn't go out into the world looking for "ethical products", I didn't even think of that side of it. I'm glad now that my eyes are more open and I want to share that. As I travelled the world looking for my lashes, I learnt so much of what makes a good lash. What I became increasingly concerned about was the way the lashes were being made.

I saw conditions that I wouldn't want to work under – and I didn't want to invest in these companies. I can't really pin point it, nor will I speak out of turn about other companies. All I know is I go by my gut on a lot of decisions and my gut was saying these companies weren't the right fit. I actually decided whilst traveling that I didn't think I would go ahead with my lash line as I couldn't find a production company that was a good fit. However I had one more place to go, and this became the company I partnered with.

I knocked on the door and was greeted warmly – and I had the chance to speak freely to all people working in that business.

They showed me the ins and outs of how they operated and I had a great feeling about what they did and how they did it.

It was owned by a husband and wife duo who had met whilst his now wife was making lashes for another company. They weren't happy with the conditions she worked under, so once married they opened their own company. They employ mostly women, the wage is higher than normal but what I loved is one condition to work there is they must also go to school. It just sat so well with me.

The lashes they make are from hand, they are light weight and so delicate. They use synthetic fibre as they believe it is the right thing to do and the end result is a quality product. I was amazed at their skill, their happiness and fulfilment with their work. I felt good being there and I knew this was the company I wanted to make my lashes


“Vegan and animal cruelty free”



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